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on Google Maps

Would Your Kaua‘i Business Grow from Being on Google Maps Street View?

Since 1981, Philip Brautigam has made commercial photography and produced/designed multi-media marketing, product and communication solutions for hundreds of firms, including Microsoft Redmond, Microsoft European Operations Centre, United of Omaha, American Red Cross, Bastyr University, Comfort Inn & Transamerica Insurance Corporation.

Serving Kaua‘i businesses since 2010, Philip helps to engage your global customers with immersive, virtual reality, 360˚ panoramas that put your business in GoogleMaps Street View. With interesting images of your business on the globally accessible Google Maps and Google Earth, you will attract many more customers for years to come.

Born an empath, with a keen ability to sense the feeling and energies of those around him, Philip Brautigam saw very little “sustainability” in the societal structures of the time and drove his rampant curiosity into training himself to have bandwidth and skillsets similar to the professor on Gilligan’s Island.

At the age of 13, Philip converted a half-bath into a functioning darkroom and explored the melding of right-brain abstractions with left-brain craftsmanship to be able the have the powerful understanding of how to use the art of photography to bring beautiful ideas into reality.

During the 1980s Philip used his extensive talents in conceptual thought and photography to freelance as professional commercial photographer with a special focus on building effective marketing for small businesses.

As the 1990s dawned the Macintosh computer and the suite of software from Aldus allowed Philip to establish himself in the prosperous Seattle market as a talented graphic designer (and photographer) for the next two decades.

Moving to Kaua‘i in 2010, Philip and his talented wife Janice run Be Seen Media LLC, a partnership publishing production company based on the north shore.

Make your business truly stand out in the marketplace and co-create with Philip to leverage the latest in creative 360˚ virtual engagement technology.