Best Hiking destinations in the World



Need a break?  Then travel. No idea where to go? Go through internet to find the best place for you. What can you do while traveling? Hike, visit places, eat delicious foods and learn the people’s cultures. Want to enjoy nature of a place? Take a hike or trek along a trail.

There are always various options for you to choose on what you can do when you want to travel. Take a risk and have an adventure of a lifetime. But, if you wish to hike on a path be it for a short period of time or longer and enjoy the nature, you are in the right place. If you want to enjoy places where you can hike and take in the natural beauty of the trail, mesmerizing views that the place provides. Get ready to know about the places where you can hike and enjoy the nature of the place.

Here are 5 best hiking destinations you can enjoy.

1. Pennine Way:- Situated in England it is one of the oldest national trails that offers hikers with rugged taste of Northern England that they can enjoy. It stretches from Derbyshire Peak district to Scottish Borders in 268 miles.  You get to pass through the hills in the Derbyshire Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales, get to enjoy the stunning view of Swaledale Valley and end your tour at the Borders of Scott in Krik Yetholm. Taking more than three weeks to complete the route it’s all part of the history of England as it is the first hiking trail to open in England.


  • Enjoy a trip down the England’s first hike trail
  • Have a look into three National Parks and various National Nature Reserves
  • Enjoy birds, floras and animals that you may have a chance to get a look at in your hike
  • Enjoy camping outdoors
  • Hadrian’s Wall, The Cheviot, Malham Cove, Tan hill and many other places in the route.

    2. The Basho Wayfarer:- In Japan, this self guided trip has a history of being walked 300 years ago by the poet Matsuo Basho. Starting from Sendai, walking through wonderful path of cherry blossoms, getting the chance to walk the path of cherry blossoms and at last, ending at the temple of Yamadera. You will get to see the site of a fortress at Tagajo to Matsushima Bay which has been ruined over the years. The walk in this trail is comfortable as well as steep so, hikers will get to experience the thrill of walking along such paths.

  • Pass through forest filled with beautiful floras
  • Get to enjoy fresh cup of green tea and accommodation in Japanese-style
  • Have a look at Hojin-no-le, it’s a building where Basho is known to have stayed
  • Depending on the season you go, you will face multiple colors, richness in greenery and many other things to remember.
  • Enjoy the view of mountains of Natagiri-toge

    3. Angel’s Landing:- It is located in Zion National Park, Southwest Utah. This hike is for people who seek thrills by taking risks while going on an adventure. The trail takes 3 to 5 hours starting from west rim trail and end at the trail that follows ridge across a saddle. With rock-climbing activity to stunning view from a height will leave you mesmerized with a hint of fear if you are not courageous enough. Be very brave and sure while doing this trek as you have to walk a narrow path binding with chains with 1000 foot drop at the both sides.

  • Not for a faint-heart as it’s a thriller hike
  • Climb rock with the help of chains
  • Vertigo-inducing heights
  • Go down a narrow path of rock with chains and 1000 foot drop on both sides
  • Climb the canyon wall up to Refrigerator Canyon which is cool, scenic and easy to walk.

    4.  Inca Trail, Machu Pichhu:- Located in Peru, it is Peru’s best hiking trail which can only be entered after receiving permit. You can enjoy a one day hike by taking the walk to the last section of the trail and ending to look at the view of Machu Pichhu rather than taking trains or buses.  This hike gives you a chance to walk through the Andes Mountains, ancient stones on the path and the wildlife’s that you may be able to spot on your hike. People may say it is difficult but know that this difficulty that you face while taking this path also gives you amazing views that your could see with your eyes.

  • Beautiful Mountains to look at with a sub-tropical jungle
  • Inca’s stones, ruins that are left to admire
  • Wildlife within the forest
  • Can trek for 4 to 5 days or only one day as well (depends on you)
  • Be able to have a look at Andes Mountains

    5. Puez-odle Altopiano, Dolomites:- Located in Italy, this hike takes 6 to 7 hours to complete having the distance of 9 miles. You can take chairlift which will save you time and the start your hike after getting off from it. The views on the other side after climbing the path is re Rocky Mountains rather than green landscapes. Even though the hike in this trail is rocky and in some places slippery where everyone must be careful while walking, the view is really good that one shouldn’t miss.

  • Enjoy the view of Dolomites filled with greenery and mountains
  • Enjoy the view of Rocky Mountains as you continue on your path and climb higher
  • Have a look at U-shaped valley across the Vallunga
  • Get ready to reach some of the highest peaks in the area
  • Have a look and enjoy the 360 degree view


Here, you can find hiking trails which will give you memories to last and enjoy the scenes that you can never forget. Just be sure to take the chance!

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