Places to have Amazing Beach Experience



What comes in your mind when you hear the word beach? For me, it’s the sea, sun and the cool drinks that you enjoy while laying down on sand and just enjoying the time. There are many countries that are deprived of beaches but there are also countries that are known for the beach experience that they can provide to the visitors. Some people enjoy travelling to beach destinations to relax, sun tan or just to experience something that they weren’t able to before in their country.

What type of beach experience would you like? Many would say relaxing or doing activities like sailing, snorkeling that can be done in certain seas of beaches though not all. Just like that each beach located in different places provides you with different things that you can experience. Make sure when you go to beaches in any country to enjoy what the beach has to offer to you. You may daydream about what to do when you travel to beach locations so, when you check out places which have beaches make sure that whichever place you choose provides you with the things that you would like to experience.

Let’s take a look at five beach destinations in the world!

  1. Playa Las Galeras-Samana:- Situated in Dominican Republic, it’s known as one of the unique beaches to exist. Many of the times the beach is overlooked by people for other stunning places and travels on boat to reach other places like Playa Madama, Playa Fronton and Playa Rincon. Las Galeras beach is filled with beautiful white sand stretch, get a chance to swim on the cool water and also enjoy cool drinks while having the time of your life in the beach. It is one of the safest beach to travel which is also known as “the Fisherman Beach” as the only concern of danger for people here are running out of alcoholic drinks or getting hit by coconut in the head.

  2. Maui:- The second largest Hawaiian island in America also known as “The Valley Isle” is none other than Maui. Filled with beaches that are famous all over the world like Kapalua Beach and Kaanapali Beach, with the sacred Iao Valley, farm- to- table cuisine, if you visit during winter the view of humpback whales when they are migrating and view of beautiful sunrise and sunset. You can experience hikes before sunrise to dormant volcano summits, firer dancing at luaus and countless of waterfalls where you can take a bath and play with your friends. It may be expensive to visit the place but it is worth the time and money with the beauty of nature it provides.   

  3. Fernando de Noronha:- Declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, located in Brazil, it is one of the island with beach that has been providing home to many species like, shark, billfish and many more. With colorful fishes in the water with no need for a visit to aquarium, more than 10 beaches you can visit, taste the local foods in the place you are staying and enjoy activities like diving, swimming, snorkeling and also enjoy the sunset at the end of the day, many people say it is a paradise on earth. Those people who are lucky to get the chance to visit the beach as the number of visitors are limited to protect the wildlife and ecosystem, they should stay as long as they can, enjoy all the activities that they can do and experience everything it has to offer.

  4. Crete:-  Crete is situated in Greece and may not be as popular as Santorini, which is very popular destination for tourists, but it provides you all with the opportunity to be in plentiful sun, history of the place and the sand. People who tent to visit Crete are ideally more interested in different kinds of activities and sports that can be done in the nature like taking a hike, diving, swimming, canyoning and many more. With the local rich cuisine, learning the cultures of culinary art, history behind the place and mainly the beaches to just lay around and relax, it is a best place to visit. Covered with white sand with turquoise lagoons and sea turtles surrounding the beach, tourists visiting the place can enjoy their time in the sea playing with turtles or other wildlife’s that you can find there, as long as it’s safe.

  5. Railay Beach-Krabi:- Situated in Thailand, surrounded by limestone cliffs that tower on both sides,  with soft sands on your feet on the beach, Railay Beach-Krabi will give you a good experience if you ever visit. The most magical thing though while in the beach is the hidden lagoon which you can visit by hiking there where you can have a chance to look at emerald green water which is hard to come by in different places. You can also climb rocks and enjoy the view from the top, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the beaches and also have an experience of starting the day by looking at the beautiful view of sunrise. You can visit the place when all you want to go somewhere quiet and just relax.


There are obviously more beaches in the countries even when I have stated only five of them here. Each beach will give you different experience and moments to remember the visit to that particular place. It may not be feasible to try and visit each and every beach but you can try to visit the beach where you think will get the most fun as per what you want to enjoy an do the activities.

So, grab your swimming suits and enjoy the beach travel.

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