Things to See in America



With diverse destinations available in America, it is quite difficult to select a certain place to visit and travel. Just like in Europe and Asia, America also provides you with many opportunities and destinations to travel and enjoy your time. Even if you live in America, there must be so many places that you are yet to visit and make memories to live by. Looking at the places in America through movies, drama, series or through social media makes you wonder how exactly is that place and to know about it, it’s best to just travel to the place you want to check out.

With COVID-19 in rise, at the moment it’s not safe to travel for any of us. But, it doesn’t mean we can’t know about the places that we have the potential to visit in the future be it far or near.

Let’s check out 5 things you can do and see in different places of America!

  1. Visit Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom:- Situated in Florida, Walt Disney World is one of the most visited place by travelers and even by people living in the same place and country. With Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and many other Disney characters, it welcomes you all to the world of fantasy and thrilling experience that anyone can receive here. You not only have a chance to enjoy the characters of Disney but also enjoy the rides, visit horror houses, eat foods and most importantly, this place is suitable for people of any age. If you want to escape to a fairytale or fantasyland then, this is the place for you to visit.

  2. The Grand Canyon:- Plan and go take a trip to Grand Canyon National Park to enjoy the experience of seeing one of the best views that America has to offer to you. It is said that the Grand Canyon represents the larger – than – life ruggedness, expansive nature of the country. Have a look at the Colorado River which weaves its way through the canyon and is also popular for rafting. You will also be able to visit the Arizona Park by taking a hike which offers you magnificent views of Bright Angels and North Kaibab Trails.

  3. Mount Rushmore:- Situated in South Dakota,taking more than 10 years to complete, Sculptor Guzton Borglum sculpted the presidents with assistance of more than 400 workers. The purpose of this sculpture is to represent the foundation, expansion, preservation and unification of United States which became successful with the four presidents sculpted. The four presidents in Mount Rushmore are Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson who represents each symbols of the purpose. For anyone who is interested in history and would love to know more about the United States of America, this is one of the place that they need to visit as it shows the history on how and who lead the country to be what it’s now.

  4. Visit Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site:- Inspiring many people with the speeches he gave while protesting for freedom and colorful rights in peace with no violence, he is one of the role model for everyone. With his speech, “I have a dream”, it moved many people and inspired millions of people whether white or people of color. He is the non-president and first man of color to be honored with a memorial as a tribute to his legacy and the memorial will represent justice, opportunity and freedom for which he stood and fought for. In his hometown Georgia, Atlanta, you can learn about his life, the struggles he faced, how he inspired millions of people and know more about what he did in his lifetime.

  5. Hollywood Sign:- Created by Harry Chandler as a real-estate advertisement when he decided to invest in an upscale real-estate development called Hollywoodland. This later went on through generation to be recognized as a movie industry of Hollywood. The Hollywood sign was renovated later on by Playboy’s Hugh Hefner from which the sign changed from “Hollywoodland ” to “Hollywood”. With the movie industry in rise and representing people from all over the America, the sign is said to represent not only the stardom and glamour the industry brings but also broken dreams of many people who were not able to make it in movie-industry.


Rich in history, beautiful views, and many places to visit and enjoy the things that each place has to offer and America makes you wish that you had many vacation days to enjoy and travel more. You will never run out of options for places to visit as each place has something different to offer and make that place memorable for you when you visit. Enjoy everything that a place has to offer and move on to next destination to enjoy new things while in America.

So, after the end of COVID-19, make sure to travel when you can to America and stay safe.

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