Top 10 Hiking Destinations in the World



Being away from your everyday by going on an adventure is a way to relieve stress for many people. Many people don’t have enough time always to enjoy themselves for longer period of time. For such people, you can hike as a way to take time apart from your busy schedules. Hiking to places which makes you stunned at the beautiful view it provides a sense of calm and peace to you.

Hike can be long or short through a trail that leaves you breathless at what the top of the destination has to offer. Hiking to certain places which look great in pictures but much better with the bare eyes once you reach the place. With enough energy to reach the destination here are top 10 destinations to hike in the world.

  1. Appalachian Trail:- Known as the longest hiking trail on foot in the world extending at 2200 miles located in United States, it’s one of the best hiking trail for everyone. It’s located in West Virginia State and travels through the valleys of Appalachian Mountain Range from Georgia (southern terminus at Southern Mountain) to Maine (northern terminus at Katahdin). You can visit alone or in a group as it provides you with well-marked paths and campsites.

    Time Taken: 5 to 7 months so, take the trail for short time as well
    What To Expect: Diversity in views as its shows unique landscapes, cultures and histories with values tied to the place.
  1. Cloud Forest Trek:- Located at Laos, this trek includes trip to the summit of Laos’ third highest mountain i.e. Forever Mountain. You get to have a sense of adventure while having a view of endless beautiful green forests and also maybe rare species that may pop up while you are visiting, if you are lucky enough. You will also have the opportunity to visit the UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang.

    Time taken: 5 to 9 days (depending on you)
    What To Expect: Blissful environment filled with greenery and may be able to spot rare species like leopards and white-cheeked gibbon.
  1. The Zion Narrows:- Situated in United States Zion National Park, it is the model slot of canyon hike and is beside the virgin river itself. Be sure to take permit to visit the place so, you won’t face any legal charges. With walls covered with stones leading to a narrow path, this trek provides you with challenging, fun and adventurous trail that makes a memorable experience. With the 16 mile journey you take, you get to experience the serene beauty of the walls along with the Virgin River that just adds more beauty to the place.

    Time Taken: 10-13 hours
    What To Expect: Virgin river surrounded by rock walls leading to a narrow path
  1. The Balkans:- This is a route in the borderlands of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Get to experience the mountain trails and beautiful views in the corners of Europe by taking certain time off from your daily life. It was recently opened for tourists to promote tourism, so the places situated in these areas are clear, untouched and underdeveloped. You get to ascend three peaks, enjoy the rocky path in your trek and also experience the people’s way of living.

    Time Taken: 10-12 days
    What To Expect: Rocky paths and views that leaves you speechless
  1. Mount Toubkal:- At the height of 4167 meters, located at Morocco, it is the North Africa’s highest peak that people want to conquer and travel to though this trip isn’t for faint-hearted. It takes 2 to 4 days to complete the hike depending on the hiker. Be sure to take a local guide to avoid any events or difficulties that may occur. You will pass through river bed and from a village of Imlil, leading towards a large mountain hut providing you all with the view of rural Morocco.

    Time Taken: 2 to 4 days
    What To Expect: Mesmerizing view of the Atlas Mountain when you reach to the top of the summit.
  1. Jinshanling Great Wall:- Restored for easier climb for people, located in Beijing, visitors can hike for a short time from Jinshanling to Simatai West. There are watchtowers built with various materials like, bricks, woods, stone with flat roofs, square ones and octagonal ones. Each watchtowers built here differs according to its construction materials used. It is also known as “Paradise of Photographer” as it provides you with all the defensive system established and the view of the walls and surrounding mountains.

    Time Taken: 1.5 to 2 hours as the distance is 2 miles
    What to Expect: Complete defense system, walls which help you to overlook the surrounding mountains.
  1. Trolltunga:- Located in Norway it is one of the most popular hike trail in the country. Trolltunga is a rock above the lake of Ringedalsvanet into the space over 700 metres. You can get the view of mountains peaks when the weather is clear and have photography session at the end of Troll’s tongue. Overlooking the view of the river with mountains far away and you sitting at the edge of Troll’s tongue, the photo turns out to be spectacular in every way and the trip always engraved in your memory.

    Time Taken: 8 to 10 hours
    What To Expect: Refreshing scenes, weather and easy hike trails with small breaks in between. Reach the destination enjoying what Norway nature has to offer.
  1. Schynige Platte To faulhorn to First:- With an epic view in every turn you take and wherever you look, this hike is one of the top hikes in Switzerland. By riding a train from Wilderswil to Schynige Platte, you get to have a look at the views of the Jungfrau mountain range. You can also explore a little by looking at the café’s, mountain huts, restaurants and also talk to the people living there to learn more about the place. Surrounded by greenery with clear blue sky and a trail to take you to your destination, you can imagine this trip would be worth it.

    Time Taken: 6-8 hours
    What to Expect: View of Jungfrau Mountain range and enjoy the greenery and fresh weather of the place.
  1. Percorsi Occitani, Maira Valley:- Only 100km away from the capital Turin Maria Valley is a forgotten area. Even with the beauty it provides, many people do not visit the place easily. But, for any hiker that wants to experience sunlit forests, remainders of stone walls, churches and chapels with beautiful designs in secluded areas, it’s the place for you. For many hikers, the place is said to be a paradise for them due t the beauty it provides to its viewers and people coming to visit.

    Time Taken: 2 to 2.5 weeks
    What To Expect: Beautiful remaining of buildings in secluded areas, overgrown forests and grasses.
  1. Fimmvorduhals Hike:- Located on the southwest of Iceland, it is one of the best hikes but only few hikers are capable enough to complete the hike. While walking the path here, you get to walkthrough wide diversity of landscapes all in one day. Hikers have the chance to walk across a volcanic plateau which has brought many volcanic activities, get to stare at the beauty of an ocean and pass through 26 waterfalls to grassy tundra.

    Time Taken: 12 to 14 hours
    What To Expect: Volcanic plateau, ascend past waterfall way, have a look at Skogafoss and descend through the “Land of Gods”.


With all these places for you all to travel, what’s the point of waiting? Pack your essentials in a bag, pick a destination and hit the road.

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