Top Adventure Activities in the World



When you are born, you grow up learning you need to study to get good grades. You study everyday to get into good college, to get a good job in the future that the sayings“live your life to fullest” saying just doesn’t make sense. “Take the risk” “You live only for one time” and many more sayings don’t make sense unless you do just exactly what they are saying. When you travel to destinations far from home and do activities that makes your heart pump in fear and excitement, at that moment you understand what those saying means.

When you travel to places far, far away from home and take risk while doing activities that you cannot do in daily life that is an adventure that will last in your memory for whole life. Basking in the freedom without any restriction on what you can and cannot do, you will have a chance to have a taste of various activities that are thrilling and exciting. There are so many popular activities to do that make your heart pound even when you just think about it.

Let’s look at five adventurous activities that you can do.

  1. Sky Diving:- What can be more heart pounding, nerve wrecking and adrenaline pumping activity other than just launching yourself out of an airplane with a parachute and a supporter who is skilled in this field. Diving from a height that would scare you very much with a parachute and plummeting through the air while being on a freefall then, catching your breath as you open your parachute and admiring the incredible views.  This activity will not only leave you terrified with the freefall but also give you the chance to have a look at amazing view from a height which is hard to get at.

  2. Zip lining:- Back in school days we use to move from one swing to another with help of swinging tire hanged on a rope or something else. Nowadays, there is an activity called zip lining where you are harnessed to a rope and travel at a terrifying height from one point to another with jungles, rivers or ocean below you. When you move in a speed with a harness on you and with its support travel a long distance which feels short due to the fast movement and enjoy the view below you with fear, it brings you sense of excitement while doing this activity.

  3. Visit Great White Sharks:- Sharks are known to be one of the dangerous animals with their jaws making everyone tremble in fear but it gave the great white shark seriously a bad reputation. In a trip to South Africa, Mossel Bay and Cape Town, you will get a lot of chance to be close with sharks. It may seem like a dangerous activity to take a ris but when you have the opportunity and enjoy your time with these creatures, you will know, learn about them and enjoy spending the short time you have with them.

  4. Water Rappelling or Water Abseiling:- There are people who enjoy doing activities that are related to water. Waterfall rappelling is just the activity for them as you descend down a rock patch along with cascading waterfall with a help of a rope, harness and a belay attached for your safety. While doing this activity you may have a hard time as water keeps falling down and can get in your eyes and face which makes it difficult to complete the activity so, make sure you have proper safety and headgears to protect you.

  5. Rafting:- This is another activity that we can do in water. Navigating the way of river, a force of nature, which threatens to overturn your raft, and avoiding to be knocked into rocks situated in the water while you are soaked is a thrilling experience to have. Make sure you do this activity in water with currents that are not too high in order to be safe from any type of accident that may occur as you may not be able to handle the high current of water properly. So, go to a place that provides service of rafting, grab your safety measures and explore the joy of rafting.


With each country, place, island or any area that you travel you, provides you with the opportunity to enjoy activities that are risky and thrilling. If you are willing to take risk and try various things out of your comfort zone, you will find numerous things that you can do. Just take your time and find out which activity you think is suitable and will excite you and travel to destination that provides you with the service to do that activity.

So, take a step outside your comfort zone and enjoy the life that you have.

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