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Australia is one of the beautiful country in the world with its natural wonders, great outdoors, and many things to experience. It is easy to identify Australia as one of the tourist destination as it delivers unique experiences to its visitors and many people would like to experience it as such experiences maybe hard to find in other places. Even though it is difficult to travel with expensive flights, remote places and difficult to reach the destinations without any transportation, the difficulties are worth it when you reach the destination.

It will be a delight for people who love foods, arts and enjoy numerous tourist places to visit. There are many places in Australia that are worth the visit by everyone not only tourists but many are not aware about them as they are not so popular. Even while being the smallest continent in the world, it has unique wildlife on the planet, beaches to visit, activities like scuba diving which is really popular here, rainforests and scorched red desserts which leads travelers to declare Australia as their dream destination.

So, let’s have a look at 5 tourist destination in Australia that we need to visit.  

  1. Cable Beach:- Located in Broome in Western Australia, Cable Beach is a beach that is filled with beautiful sunsets, water of Indian Ocean and the sands which are white. With turquoise water, it is known as one of the tourist attraction in Australia along with its highlight of riding camels at sunset. Even in peak season, this place is not crowded which easily allows people to find a quiet place to enjoy time alone, sketch the view in front of you or enjoy the low tide of water by sitting by its shoreline. You can also try swimming, surfing, fishing, stroll along the sands and wait for sunset with colors ranging from purple, gold to fiery red providing you all with gorgeous views and moments to capture and live through pictures.

  2. Purnululu National Park:- Being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and located in Western Australia, it is one of the place that must be visited while travelling to Australia. It is home to orange and black striped sandstones formed by cyanobacteria resembling beehives that are huge in nature and is known as the Bungle Bungle Range. Even though this place was not widely known nowadays it is getting more recognition for the dramatically sculptured structures and the beauty that it holds. With seasonal waterfalls and pools at the height of 250 meters known as Piccaninny, Cathedral Gorges and also with the diversity of landscapes and ecosystems in the park representing the semi-arid landscapes became the attraction for tourists.

  3. Melbourne:- For people who love to experience different cultures and learn more about them, Melbourne, the second largest city of Australia, is the place they need to visit. To know about different things, you can visit the theaters to look at plays, galleries filled with variety of pictures, restaurants with foods you have never tasted and enjoy the distinct feel it gives when you visit the place. As it is also blessed by nature in greenery many people love to go to places like park, riverside and enjoy their time by relaxing, looking at passersby’s, reading a book, sketching or painting what is in your vision. You can enjoy your time in the highlight places of the city which are, Royal Botanic Gardens, Federation Square, National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Cricket Ground where you can watch cricket in summer and football with Australian rules in winter.

  4. Sydney Harbor Bridge:- Rising at the height 134 meters above the Sydney Harbor and also known as “The Coathanger”, Sydney Harbor bridge is one of the Australia’s famous tourist destination. With two railway lines, pedestrian paths, eight lanes to avoid road traffic, extension over the bridge and the facility to change the direction of each lane in order to accommodate traffic flow, the bridge is customized to be used by everyone and accommodate to the citizens. From the bridge you can see the beautiful city and the lake below the bridge which looks more beautiful at night while giving you the opportunity to also climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge which has been currently stopped from doing so. The bridge is used as the primary transportation link between Sydney and its suburbs located on the northern side of the harbor spanning 500 meters.

  5. Whitsunday Islands:- For any travelers looking for to enjoy vacation by the marine life in the waters while doing different activities in the water, with the collection of 74 island in the middle of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef known as Whitsunday Island is the perfect place. This destination is famous for snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing to look at the whole islands, flying over heart reef, go on a cruise, spotting of turtles and many other activities that will provide you joy and once n a lifetime opportunity. Visit whiteheaven beach which is filled with white sand and is always cool no matter how sunny it is, take a short walk to the Hill Inlet to have a view of whiteheaven beach from the top, enjoy Hamilton Island by exploring in golf buggy and also enjoy the sunset from here. You can see that you can do and enjoy a lot even when you are there for a short vacation.


Even though only five destinations are stated here, there are still a lot more places in Australia to visit. With beautiful wildlife, unique scenes, 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit and experience the different culture and traditions of people living there, there is more to see in Australia than what we can see through the internet. You may not be able to visit all the places in your first visit or in one visit at all but there is always choice for you to come back and enjoy destinations that you couldn’t do so before.

Let’s travel to Australia after COVID-19. What do you think?

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